Reconstructive memory- Braun, Ellis & Loftus- EXP 1

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To investigate whether autobiographically-focused advertising could directly affect how consumers remember a prior childhood experience

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Research method/design

Lab experiment, Independent measures design.

IV-Disney ad, no Disney ad

DV- their rating on the Life Events Inventory whether or not they shook hands with their favourite TV character between week 1 and week 2

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107 undergraduate students(64 female & 43 male) from a Midwestern University USA.

Gender bias, Culture bias, Age bias

Recieved course credit

Big sample

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Life Events Inventory with 20 statements.

0-100 rating

Disney resort advert

Another Questionnaire on attitude and empathy scales

Two distraction tasks which were put in to avoid demand charcteristics

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Procedure 1

Life Events Inventory

Distractor tasks

Asked to return the following week

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Procedure 2

Told to watch or not to watch the Disney ad. 

5 mins- how it made them feel and think

Attitude scales and Empathy scales.


Experimentor 1 claimed there was an error with LEI on first week so can they do it again(looking panicked)

More distraction tasks

A 3rd experimentor asked if they have ever visited Disney

Also asked if they figured the aim

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Results (General/correlation)

Inter Rater reliability was high and was done by 2 independent researchers and showed a positive correlation of 0.8 when they observed on the personal experiences of Disney

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Results(Autobiographical effects of the ad)

65% participants in the experimented group who recieved advert mentioned memories of DisneyWorld

74% reported the advert caused them to imagine the experiences

63% mentioned they'd visit in future

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Results (Imagination Inflation)

In Disney group, 

90% increase of the score of the target question on Life Events Inventory in week 1 and 2

Disney group more comfident that the event happened

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Results (Disney Memory)

Those who visited Disney reported that they had more positive thoughts if they watched the advert using words such as 'magical'

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