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Crime- not obeying a law established by the government 


  • Lack of financial resources can lead to poverty
  • Lack of educational opportunities can lead to poor work opportunities
  • Dysfunctional family bankgrounds
  • Substance abuse
  • Inequality 
  • Gang culture

Catholics teach that everyone should have respect for human life, to not take what is not yours, to be honest and just, to live a life based on lve for your neighbour

If the law was unjust, a christian might challenge it. For example, Jesus turned over the money changer's tables at the temple as he thought it was wrong to exchange in a place of worship.

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The death penalty

Death penalty- form of punishement in which a prisoner is put to death for crimes commited

The catholic church is largely opposed to it, only on rare occasions may it be justified if it is the only way to protect society.                                                                                              Many christians are deeply opposed to the death penalty because they have a deep commitment to the sanctity of all human life and a belief in the morality of the commandment 'do not kill' and Jeusus' command to love your neighbour. 

Arguments for

  • Permanently removes the worst criminals
  • retribution, eye for an eye
  • once someone has murdere someone, they have given up their own human rights
  • May deter other potential killers

Arguments against

  • May execute innocent people by mistake
  • Inhumane  and contradicts the most basic human rights/ we are not God and shouldn't take anothers life
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Abortion- dliberate termination of an unborn baby

Catholic Teachings

  • Catholics oppose abortion because 'do not kill' and 'Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart'- Jeremiah.
  • They belive life has begun from the moment of conception
  • The church expects catholic medical doctors to not participate in abortions or encourage someone to have one

Instead, Christinas may repond by

  • praying for all pregnant women
  • pray for unborn children
  • support charities for the rights of unborn children
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Contraception- the artificial and chemical methods used to prevent pregnancy taking place

Church views

The church teaches that the use of artificial and emergency contraception is a sin because

  • they prevent the possibility of new life/ the pupose of making love
  • it means the couple are holding back something when they make love
  • in case of emergency contraception, there is a chance the egg had been already fertilized and therefore, it counts as an abortion 

Catholic teachings

  • Sexual realtionships hsould only occur within marriage
  • Natural contraception like withdrawal and counting when your most fertile in a month is given by God and is not a sin 
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The Sanctity of life

Sanctity of human life- the special value of every person's life. Christians belive that all human life is sacred and a gift from God

Christians have a duty to protect life because

  • 'You shall not commit muder'
  • 'You shall love your neighbour as yourself'
  • 'If you would enter eternal life, keep the commandments'

Christians belive that only God has the right to take away a human life.

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