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  • MORTAL SIN: these are sins that are so serious that they can be forgiven only through the sacrament of reconciliation
  • VENIAL SIN: these are lesser sins that everyone commits. They are not grave and are not committed with full knowledge
  • "we sin from frailty and malice"- Cardinal Basil Hume
  • "everyone have sinned and is far away from Gods saving presence"- Romans 3:23
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  • FORGIVENESS: the act of pardoning people for what they have done wrong and not holding it against them
  • Pope John Paul was shot in Rome in 1981 but he forgave the man who shot him and asked for him to be prayed for
  • "God redeems your life from the pit"- Psalms 103:4
  • "you will cast all our sins into the depths of the sea"- Micah 7:19


  • Liz Brereton
  • he daughter was killed in a car crash with her friend spencer
  • when her family found out they were said but Spencer said "if I could change places with Ruth I would"
  • this made Liz forgive Spencer
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Parable of the unforgiving servant

  • Matthew 18:23-35
  • the parable shows how if you are forgiven by others then you should forgive others as well
  • if you don't forgive others then you will be punished
  • "you should have mercy on your fellow servant, just as I had mercy on you"
  • "that is how my Father in Heaven will treat every one of you unless you forgive your brother from your heart"
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The rite and symbolism of reconciliation

  • CONFESSION: a declaration of ones faults or misdeeds
  • PENANCE: a punishment undertaken voluntarily as an expression of penitence for sin
  • CONTRITION: a deeply felt remorse
  • ABSOLUTION: release from guilt of punishment
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Individual reconciliation

  • personal encounter with God
  • begins with the preparation which includes readings
  • the sign of the cross and blessing will follow
  • focuses the person on the love of God and examines their conscience with the respects for the commandments
  • during the penance, there may be some conversation between the Priest and the person confessing
  • "Oh my God, I am very sorry that I have sinned against you. Becuase you are so good, and with your help, I will try not to sin again. Amen"
  • final part is absolution "I absolve you from your sin"
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Communcal reconciliation

  • allow members of the same community to prepare together for festivals such as Christmas
  • begins with the hymn and opening pray and continues to the liturgy of the word
  • an examination of conscience brings the community together
  • absolution and prayers of praise, thanks giving and bleeding. Offered new life through God
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Aims and types of punishment

  • DETERRENCE: as a warning to others to try and discourage them from committing similar crimes
  • PROTECTION: protecting society by stopping the individual criminals from being able to commit crimes against peoole, typically through prison
  • RETRIBUTION: this means revenge or repayment for what have been done against the laws of society or individual
  • REFORM: to try and change the offenders attitudes so they are no longer a threat to society and can live a lawful life back in society. Restorative Justice means the criminals must go though some hardship to make up for what they have done
  • IMPRISONMENT: for crimes such as murder, assault or ****.
  • FINES: this a sum of money needed to pay as punishment for a crime
  • COMMUNITY SERVICE: refers to compulsory work such as work for the community in the form of cleaning or tending public gardens
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The death penalty

  • the Catholic church is against the death penalty and only on extremely rare occasions is it okay.
  • removes the worst criminals leaving society safer
  • cheaper than imprisoning someone for life
  • offers retribution
  • the fear of the death penalty may deter others from committing crimes
  • fits the crime of murder. If you have killed someone then you should die too
  • may affect family and friends
  • the method of execution can be very painful
  • the death penalty brutalises society
  • it's inhuman and makes the government a killer
  • innocent people may be executed by mistake
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Causes of crime

  • ECONOMIC: the lack of financial resources can lead to poverty and lack of education
  • FAMILY: substance abuse in the family or violence
  • SOCIAL: prevalence of drugs, lack of support for families, low value placed on children and individual well being
  • MORAL FAILINGS: becuase of original sin, humans are flawed and are more likely to commit crimes
  • EVIL: evil can tempt people to commit crimes
  • "you shall not kill"
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Prejudice and discrimination

  • PREJUDICE: an attitude of mind. It means having pre judgmental thoughts or believing in a stereotype
  • DISCRIMINATION: an act upon prejudice and treats someone unfairly
  • "love your neighbour as yourself"
  • "we are all one in Jesus christ"
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Parable of the Good Samaritan

  • Luke 10: 25-37
  • Christians have a duty to offer help to those disadvantaged
  • loving God and your neighbour is at the centre of what it means to be a Christian
  • Jesus stood with the poor and disadvantaged
  • "go and do the same"
  • "love your neighbour as yourself"- Matthew 22
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Other discrimination

  • someone with a physical or mental impairment
  • the media can portray people with disabilities in a negative way
  • based on the persons sex
  • men and women are both made in the image of God which should mean that they're equal
  • based on a persons race or skin colour
  • Desmond Tutu or Nelson Madela
  • "all men are equal in gods sight" CCC 330
  • religious beliefs
  • in China Christianity is controlled by the government
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