Rebranding East London

Why, how and whether or not the rebranding of the London Docklands 1980's was successful or not :)

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Why it needed re-branding?

  • The London Docklands used to be the biggest port in the UK.
  • There was a decline in secondary industry in the 1980's
  • The docklands declined and 12,000 jobs were lost
  • The docks were left derelict and unattractive to potential investors. 
  • Redeveloping was also very expensive at the time
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What strategies did they use?

  • Market-led regeneration: Economic regeneration is top priority. It can lead to the 'Snowball effect' where it also attracts a lot of other companies that want to join in and invest in the regeneration for this profit.
  • 21km squared of land was redeveloped and called Canary Wharf
  • Improvements were made to the infrastructure making it easier to move about the city. This makes it easier for the future and a more attractive place to invest in - Boosting the UK's economy further.
  • Exploited the growth of footloose companies such as IT and consultancy, Banking and Finance. E.g. HSBC
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  • Canary Wharf is now the 'hotspot' postcode - businesses compete to be based in this area.
  • Given the UK's economy a huge boost as it's attracted some of the worlds major financial institutions.
  • Canary Wharf employs 100,000 people
  • There have been further transport improvements which has seen the extension of the London Underground, developing the Dockland's light railway, new roads and the London City Airport.
  • A brownfield, derelict site has been redeveloped into a financial hub.
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  • People who live in Canning Town have no qualifications ( 43.1%) - Not employed by businesses in Canary Wharf when their employment should have been catered for.
  • Parts of London are still among the poorest areas of the UK
  • The local people and environment have not been improved.
  • The wealth and poverty gap has increased as they sit side-by-side
  • Only 37.6% of people in Canning town are employed full time
  • Local residents feel that not enough money is being spent on the local education
  • If money was spent on local social facilities, it could improve the social impacts
  • They thought that the economic regeneration would have a 'trickle down' effect to the surrounding poorer communities, however this did not work as Canning town still had High levels of crime and Low economic benefit.
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