Reasons for protecting coastlines

Protecting coastal areas from flooding (Human, Social and environmental)

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  • Loss of tourism- flooding destroys/hotels resturants and decourages tourists from visiting, this may lead to a drop in buisness for areas which rely on tourism for income
  • Buisness' close to cliffs may fall into the sea, meaning the insurance is very high and they have to relocate
  • Costal flooding damages agricutural land, destroying harvests and polluting the land with salt/sewage
  • Property prices fall dramatically and people may not be able to insure their homes
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  • Costal floods kill thousands of people
  • Water supply often cut off or polluted
  • Houses are lost, sometimes, whole villages can gradually fall into the sea due to cliff erosion
  • Costal buisnesses may shut down, due to damage to premesis or equipment causing loss of jobs and income
  • Roads, rail links and other infrasturcture may be lost or severly damaged
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  • Ecosystems may be harmed e.g. the salty sea water may kill organisms and may uproot trees. The water also drowns plants/animals
  • SSSI (Site of special scientific interest) are threatened by costal erosion, for example, if the bar separating a lagoon from the sea is broken, the lagoon will be destroyed.
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