Reagents and reaction conditions

Summary of all the reagents and conditions you need to know for the F332 exam.

OCR Salters B F332

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Halogenoalkanes and nucleophiles

R-Hal + H2O

  • Heat under reflux
  • Also known as hydrolysis

R-Hal + OH-

  • Heat under reflux

R-Hal + NH3

  • Heat with concentrated ammonia solution in a sealed tube

When making a halogenoalkane, sodium hydrogencarbonate added to remove any acidic impurities and anhydrous sodium sulphate is used as a drying agent.

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Alkenes and electrophiles

Alkene + Br2

  • Room temperature and pressure

Alkene + Br2(aq)

  • Room temperature and pressure

Alkene + HBr(aq)

  • Aqueous solution, room temperature and pressure

Alkene + H2O

  • Phosphoric acid, 300°C and 60atm
  • Concentrated H2SO4, then H2O at 1atm

Alkene + H2

  • Pt catalyst, room temperature and pressure
  • Ni catalyst, 150°C and 5atm
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Alcohol → Aldehyde or ketone

  • Acidified potassium dichromate(VI) and heat

Alcohol → Carboxylic acid

  • Acidified potassium dichromate(VI) and heat under reflux

Alcohol → Alkene

  • Al2O3, 300°C and 1atm
  • Refluxing with concentrated H2SO4
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