Reagan and civil rights

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What were his views regarding civil rights?

  • Condemned the Voting Rights Act of 1965 claiming the South had been humiliated
  • Historically negative-either by design or by actions or inactions
  • Had opposed civil rights legislation
  • Should not necessarily be separated from other key concerns
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What challenges did he face?

  • Legal cases trying to ensure the Acts were fully carried out
  • A budget deficit that wsa historically too high
  • 'Reaganomics'-cuts in federal taxes and reductions in warfare payments
  • Economic slowdown
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What were the policies he oversaw under his Presid

  • He cannot entirely be blammed for targeting the African-Americans
  • Limited the power and authority of the US Commision on Civil Rights
  • Appointed less African-Americans to the federal administration
  • In 1982, Reagan had supported the segregated Bob Jones University in the South, in an attempt to get tax exemption status
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What was his legacy?

  • Supreme Court was far more Conservative regarding Civil Rights interpretations and actions
  • Tooj a hostile approach towards Affirmative Action programmes
  • Many of the gain made by the civl rights movement were under threat
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