reactions of alkenes

this is a list of the reactions and the results of reactions of alkenes.

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alkenes have a high electron density at the C=C bonds.

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And so they can be attacked by substances we call electrophites (electron deficit species) some substances are added to the carbon atoms with the double bond.

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hydrogenation/addition of hydrogen

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alkenes react with hydrogen in the presence of a nickel catalyst at about 152 degrees to form alkanes e.g

this type of reaction is useful in converting unsaturated oils into margarine.


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with steam

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they react with steam in the presence of phosphoric acid (catalyst) to form alcohols.

ethene reacts to form ethanol:


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with hydrogen halide

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react with hydrogen halide to form a halogenoalkane the reactivity decreases with the bond strength of the hydrogen halide.

Ethene reacts with hydrogen chloride chloroethane:


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with halogens

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they react very fast with halogens to form (di)halogeno alkane. the reaction between bromine and alkenes is used as a test for unsaturation. And also potassium promanganate.


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with dilute manganate 7

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alkenes are quickly oxidised by dilute manganate 7 to form diol (contains OH) in this reaction the OH group is added to the carbons which had the C=C.

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self addition polymerisation

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in the presence of a catalyst, right temperature and pressure they undergo polymerisation to form polyalkenes.

some compounds containing C=C may also undergo polymerisation to form polymers.

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