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Explain how a Catholic upbringing leads to belief

  • If parents tell them, children will believe in God
  • If they see parents pray to God, they will believe because they don't believe parents would waste time like that
  • Seeing so many worship God at mass, will make them believe
  • In a catholic school they are taught by teachers, who are meant to guide them.
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Explain how religious experience can lead to belie

  • Numinous > Awereness of something greater > God
  • Conversion > Want to change lives, with great passion > Calling to God
  • Miracles > Breaks laws of Science > Only God could so this
  • Prayer > Prayer intentions are answered > Must be by God
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Explain the argument of Design and belief in God.

  • Anything that has been designed needs a designer
  • Evidence in DNA that the world has a design
  • Design requires omnipotence which is only God
  • Laws of Physics work in sync, htis can only be done by God
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Explain the argument of Causation and belief

  • Everything has a cause and effect
  • Means humans must have a cause
  • God is the only logical solution
  • Therefore he must exist
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Explain the scientific explanations for Atheism an

  • Gases on earth formed primitive life
  • Matter is eternal > No heaven/Hell
  • Evolution > similar DNA > We are not special or chosen by God
  • Red shift > UNiverse wasn't made like said in Bible
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Explain a Catholic response to Scientific explanat

  • Only God could make Big Bang happen
  • Only God could make the laws of gravity for stars etc
  • Only God could make gases react to form life
  • God's time is different and still fit in with science
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Explain why unanswered prayers may lead to agnosti

  • Say prayers but don't feel presence
  • Unanswered prayers
  • Try to be good but still feel punished by life despite praying
  • Natural disasters > If they pray for this and it doesn't end, how could an omnibenevolant God exist?
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Explain a Catholic response to unanswered prayers

  • Some things are for the better so that you learn what is right
  • God has different plans
  • What we need rather than ask for
  • May not be a direct answer
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Explain why evil and suffering may lead to agnosti

  • If Omnipotent he would have the power to remove suffering
  • If Omnibenevolent he must want to remove suffering
  • If existent then he doesn't exist
  • If Omniscient he would know the evil that would come from the world and wouldnt make it becasue he is onmibenelovent
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Explain how catholics respond to evil and sufferin

  • God has a reason but we can't understand
  • Free will caused it
  • Evil is a test for paradise
  • Cathechism > He is mysterious 
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Explain why catholics believe in life after death

  • Gospels > Jesus
  • St.Pauls teches of people having a ressurection
  • Creeds
  • Catechism
  • Life Purpose
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Explain how the catholic belief in life after deat

  • Try to live a good life by following teachings of the church
  • Follow two greatest commandments; love of God and neighbour
  • Sheep and Goat we are told to 'feed the hungry' so they support chairites
  • Avoid sin
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Explain Non religious reasons for believing in lif

  • Near death experiences
  • Evidence of spirit world; Mediums
  • Evidence of spirit world: Ouja boards
  • Evidence of reincarnation
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Explain why some don't believe in life after death

  • Atheists > no God > no spirit world
  • Religions contradict each other
  • Evidence of the paranormal has been challenged by science
  • There is no place for it
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Explain why abortion is contraversial

  • Some say life begins at conception
  • Some say life begins when foetus can survive outside of mother
  • Woman should have a right to do her will with her body
  • Unborn child's right is greater than the mother's
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Explain the different christian attitudes towards


  • arbortion is wrong > belongs to God in all circumstances
  • It is taking a life > murder > banned in the 10 commandments
  • Catechism says its wrong
  • Adoption is an alternative

Liberal Protestants:

  • Life doesn't begin at conception
  • Abortion may be removing suffering (loving neighbour)
  • Sanctity of life is broken in war, why not this?
  • Parents should be allowed if their child will have a disease
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Explain why euthanasia is controversial

  • doubt whether person wants it
  • a cure could be found
  • doctors want to save lives not end them
  • people might change their minds but it would be too late
  • rather than being in agony euthanasia is better
  • doctors can switch of life support so this is already legal
  • right to suicide so why not this?
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Explain the christian attitudes to Euthanasia

  • sanctity of life > not up to humans to decide when a life is to end
  • Euthanasia is murder > forbidden in10 commandments
  • If brain dead > already dead > switching off the machine is accepting God's will
  • Painkillers to help but they end up killing > good intentions (doctorine of double effect)
  • Bible forbids suicide
  • life is sacred and should only be take by God

A less common viewpoint:

  • God may wish someone to die but is keeping them alive
  • loving a neighbour can justify it
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Explain the view points on the media criticizing r

Against freedom

  • stirs up hatred
  • offence
  • blasphemy
  • religion is beyond human critique

For freedom

  • basic human right (freedom of speech)
  • Religious leaders use media to make statementsthey must accept other views
  • In a multifaith society there must be freedom of religious expression
  • So important that the public want to be informed
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Explain the causes of world poverty

  • Natural disasters
  • Debt
  • Wars
  • Unfair trade
  • Other: lack of educations, skills etc. 
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Explain how CAFOD is trying to end world poverty

  • development programmes; clinics, training, saving schemes
  • disaster fund
  • 5% of money goes to rasing awareness and educating people on campaigns
  • Speaking out for poor communities; 'make poverty history campaign'
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Explain why CAFOD is trying to end world poverty

  • New testament > riches should be used for the help of the poor
  • Sheep and Goats parable
  • Sermon on the mount
  • Golden rule
  • Catechism > it is our duty
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Explain what the 'church as a means to faith' mean

  • through the church people come to believe in christianity
  • Apostolic tradition is passed down meaning the true faith is passed down
  • only the magisterium can teach the faith so the true faith is in the church
  • people learn to have faith in the sacraments in church
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Explain why the 'church as a means to faith' is im

  • teaches the one true faith handed down by apostles
  • faith is nesseccary for salvation
  • church provides a place where people can become believers
  • sacraments provide people with support to be a good catholic
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Explain what the church as a means to salvation me

  • baptism washes away sins
  • Reconciliation
  • penetential rite
  • confirmation > gifts of the holy spirit
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Explain why the 'church as a means to salvation' i

  • sins prevent from being with god
  • gives a clear path to salvation
  • shows  that salvation is a continuous process 
  • it gives people a chance to find the right path on their life journey
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Explain what the church the body of christ means

  • all christinas carry christ's work on earth
  • the work of christ didn't end with the ascension
  • recieving the body of christ unites the church all in one
  • through batism a person is made a member of the church, of the body of people
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Explain why the church as the body of Christ is im

  • this is how it is described in the new testament
  • explains the impirtance of mass
  • shows how christians continue to work of jesus
  • talents and tasks that god gifted us with in unity
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