RE: The uses of medical technology

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Artificial Insemination

AI is wrong:

  • Children are a gift from God
  • AI is playing God
  • New life should be the product of a loving relationship

AI is ok if the husband's sperm is used:

  • One is simply using the technology and resources availible to create new life
  • Some couples may be very good parents and more deserving of a child than those who can have one
  • However, it is still wrong to use donor sperm as another person is brought into the marriage and may also psychologically harm the unborn child

AI may be morally justified:

  • The husband may want the child to be biologically related to his wife without, for example , passing on a degenerative disease. This is the most loving thing to do
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Moral Questions:

  • Does surrogacy turn a woman's body/womb into an item?
  • Is surrogacy according to God's will?
  • How will the child be affected later on in life?

The Bible contains examples of surrogacy, such as Abraham and Sarah's story.

Some believe that if a woman has been given the gift of fertility, she should be able to share this gift to help others.

However, many believe that surrogacy undermimes marriage.

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Genetic Engineering

Moral Questions

Could we create new kinds of crops to feed the world?

Could we replace lost loved ones?

Coulod we improve human beings through genetic modifications?

Would wev be able to develo a whole new range of medical tretaments for incurable diseases?

Is it 'playing God' or blasphemy?

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There are many arguments against Embryo research. An embryo should be treated as a sacred life made by God. Destroying Embryos is murder, taking away an innocent life.

There are also arguments against hybrid embryos; for example, it is wrong to go against God's plan. 

There are also arguments against Stem Cell cloning. It involves the destruction of an embryo. Babies should be created out of love, and have the right to two parents. It could also lead to a master race.

However, some do argue that the embryo is not important as the human lives that could be saved as a result of the research.

Stem cell cloning could have many benefits, including curing degenerative diseases. 

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