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Alternatives to marriage


This is when a couple live together and have sexual relations without being married.

Many churches see this as living in sin but other Christians believe that couples' relationships should be protected.

Civil Partnerships 

Some believe that civil partnerships should not have a Christian liturgy and that they are a threat to natural marriage.

However, others believe that homosexual relationships deserve the same rights as heterosexual relationships. 

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Marital Breakdown


  • Loss of early romance
  • Drug/ alcohol abuse
  • Infertility or illness
  • Infidelity
  • Having children


  • Good preparation helps understanding and explores ways in which relationships develop 
  • Good communication and ability to forgive
  • External help such as counselling and spiritual strength (prayer)
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The parable of the good Samaritan


  • Loving God and your neighbour is central to being a Christian. This demands actions, not just beliefs.
  • Christians have a duty to help the disadvantaged - those who are rejected and ignored by society.


  • Churches offer special facilities to the disabled, such as wheelchair ramps and signed worship.
  • Christians from all backgrounds are welcomed into the church.
  • Organisations support members of society who are neglected and discriminated against.
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Gender and disbility


Men hold a greater proportion of senior positions in the workplace. Many churches do not allow women to be priests or bishops. Some Christians also believe that men are head of the family.

Some christians believe that men and women should be equal - however, others believe that men and women have different callings and women should therefore not be leaders of the church. 


Physically disabled people do not have the same oppurtunities in work or education. People with mental illnesses face great discrimination from employers and many disabled embryos are often aborted. 

Some Christians see the disabled as 'charity cases', while others see them as active members of the community. Many Christians attempt to remove all the barriers to full participation in the church - for example, bibles in braille and signed worships.

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