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Al-Qadr Allah's control of future events 

Ibadah All acts of worship/any permissible action performed to obey Allah

Khalifah  Custodian or steward of the world for Allah

Risalah  Muslims beliefs about the prophets of Allah

Creativity The action of creating the universe by Allah

Iman  Faith in Allah

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Key Words

Muslim One who has submitted to Allah by accepting Islam

Shirk  The sin of regarding anything as an equal or partner of Allah

Din  Way of life (the belief and practice of Islam)

Islam  Peace gained through submission to Allah

Quran  That which is read or recited/the holy book of Islam

Tawhid  The oneness of Allah

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The nature and importance of belief in Tawhid

Why is the belief important for Muslims?

  • It is taught in the Quran
  • It helps Muslims make sense out of life. Believing that Allah is unique and holds everything gives them a sense of purpose and direction. 
  • Helps Muslims to think of Allah as the focal point of life.
  • Helps Muslims to follow the teaching and example of the prophet Muhammad.

How do muslims try to show their belief in the oneness of Allah?

  • They recognise that no one and nothing else is worth worshipping but Allah
  • All living creatures must be treated with respect because all life comes from Allah and belongs to Allah
  • The Muslim community should also be one, united by their belief in Allah
  • When Muslims believe in Allah and keep Allah at the centre of everything they do, they are being true to their din 
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The sin of shirk and why it is a major sin in Isla

Shirk is a major sin because

  • Belief in tawhid is the most basic principle in Islam. 
  • Shirk breaks the commitment that Muslims make when they recite the shahadah;"There is no god but Allah"
  • Worship of Allah defines the way a Muslim lives on earth. every action must glorify Allah.
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The meaning and importance of belief in the creati

The belief is important because:

  • Muslims can recognise that the order and beauty of life comes from Allah. 
  • Humans are limited in knowledge. Allah, whose power is not limited, is not confined to the world of time and space.
  • All life belongs to Allah.
  • The universe and all human life is under the control of Allah. It is Allah who determines what happens.
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The meaning and importance of belief in the Mercy

This belief is important because:

  • Without this belief, Muslims would feel hopeless because they often fail to live as Allah requires. If Allah dealt with them as they deserve, they believe they would be punished for the wrongs they have done. But instead, Allah is merciful when they sincerely repent.
  • Allah is the judge and If he was not Merciful and Compassionate, no one would survive the judgements of Allah who is always fair and just. It is worth striving to live a good life.
  • Strengthens their love for Allah and their devotion to him.
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Humans as Khalifahs:

  • The world belongs to Allah
  • Allah gives people responsibility for taking care of the world for his pleasure
  • They have a duty to look after it and make sure it is used properly
  • They cannot misuse it

This is important because:

  • People must use their reason and skills to decide how they should care for the earth. 
  • Humans are answerable to Allah on the day of judgement for their stewardship. 
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Al-qadr and human freedom

Meaning and importance of Al-Qadr:

  • It is stated in the Quran
  • It was taught by the prophet
  • submitting to the will of Allah is at the heart of being a Muslim
  • Helps Muslims to make sense of he world - everything happens for a reason
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Angels in Islam:

  • They are made from light
  • They were created to carry out the exact instructions of Allah
  • They have no free will 
  • The number of them is limitless

In the Quran:

  • Jibril-brought the words of the Quran to the prophet
  • Izrail-the angel of death
  • Mika'il-the guardian of places of worship
  • Israfil-the herald of the day of resurrection
  • Munkar and Nakir-question the dead in their graves.
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Importance of Angels

Angels are important because:

  • Vital part of communicating a persons good and bad thoughts and deeds back to Allah on the day of judgement
  • Angels communicate the exact, uncorrupted message of Allah to human beings.
  • The Quran mentions other important tasks which certain angels carry out - such as guarding places of worship
  • Many Muslims believe that angels (and Allah) protect them when they pray 
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The belief in Risalah is important because:

  • Prophets brought the guidance of Allah to different nations and times showing that the message was from the beginning
  • All prophets brought the same message showing that Allah is unchanging
  • All prophets brought the same message of Islam showing that Islam is the true religion.
  • All prophets prepared the way for the final prophet, Muhammad.
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Other Holy Books

Importance of belief in Holy Books:

  • Allah cares for people because he revealed his message directly to people over time
  • Only the Quran contains the whole truth, so only Islam can guide people
  • The message has been distorted but the originals were revelations from Allah and therefore should be respected.
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The revelation of the Quran


  • he became the final prophet of Allah because he had received this message
  • it proves that the words in the Quran are the exact speech of Allah
  • it was the beginning of many such revelations
  • It is the great miracle of Islam
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Muslims will aim to:

  • Observe the five pillars
  • Learn the Quran
  • Follow the Shari'ah
  • Show kindness to others
  • Work hard in a job that is acceptable to Allah
  • Be honest and fair 
  • Do every action for the pleasure of Allah
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