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A few cards on Islamic and christian beliefs to the issues.

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Why do wars occur?

religion - often religious differences:

  • If followers of a religion are treated badly (Kosovo & serbia)
  • If a small area of a country is another religion
  • Differences of beliefs (taliban in afganistan attacks other muslims)

Nationality and Ethnicity

  • belief that each seperate ethnic group should have its own country
  • Belief that ethnic groups should be removed
  • Countries created artificialy - tension with ethnic groups


  • access to oil reserves
  • Conflict over jobs

Ideological and political differences

  • Democratic Republic of Congo - 2 different political groups fighting
  • North korea and south korea
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Why do Christians believe in pacifism

Pacifism - never fight in a war, war is wrong

  • jesus said - love your enemies and turn the other cheek if atacked
  • the 5th commandment is do not kill
  • when jesus was being arrested jesus told peter not to fight back
  • innocent peopole are killed in war
  • peace can only come when people refuse to fight
  • Modern warfare affects so many inocent people - cannot be justified
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Why can Christians fight in just wars?

  • it is the Teaching of most churches 
  • jesus did not condem soldiers; he praised the faith of a roman centurion
  • Paul - Christians should obey the orders of the state.
  • Armed forces are needed to protect innocent states from criminal ones
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What are the Islamic teaching on war

peace is the ideal for Muslims, However muslims can still fight in wars.

Lesser jihad - holy war - only as a last resort

  • The Quran says muslims must fight if they are attacked .
  • Muhammad Fought in wars
  • Muhammad said that muslims should fight in just wars
  • The Qur'an says those that die in jihad will go straight to heaven

some muslims feel that modern weapons means there can not be a just war and they oppose war

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Why do Christians oppose bullying

  • aggresion or violence without a just cause is sinful
  • People are made in Gods image part of Gods creation - bulling is wrong as it is mistreating Gods creation
  • Duty to protect the weak and the innocent - Parable of the Good samaritan
  • Jesus taught to treat everyone in trouble as if it was jesus
  • Protect humman rights - taugfht by all christian churches
  • Harmful effects on society
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why is Islam opposed to bullying?

  • society is based on respect - bullies have no respect
  • Use of violence without a cause is sinful
  • Any muslim who bullies another muslim goes against the ummah (every muslim is a brother to another muslim
  • Duty to protect the weak and the innocent
  • Humman rights are denied
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Religious conflicts within famalies

Children no longer wanting to take part in there parents religion- causes conflict

  • religion tells parents to bring up children in there faith
  • Parent worry they will not see there children in the affter life

Children wanting to marry a partner from a different religion

  • which religion do you bring up the children?

Children becoming more religious than there parents

  • if the child criticises the parent 
  • forces the parent to be more religious ( read the bible)

Disagreements over moral issues

  • having an abortion
  • if divorce and remarrage occurs 
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what are the views on Christianity and forgiveness

Christians believe in reconciliation because:

  • Jesus died on the cross to bring reconcilliation and forgiveness
  • Jesus told peter to forgive people up to 77 times
  • Jesus said if christians do not forgive they will not be forgiven themselves
  • Paul said everyone should try to live in peace with everyone
  • all christian churches teach this to bring an end to conflict
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What are the views on Islam and forgiveness?

Muslims believe that they should be forgiving and try to bring about reconciliationbecause:

  • God is compasionate and merciful to sinners, so they should be forgiving.
  • How canmuslims ask for God's frogiveness on the last day if they are not prepared to forgive
  • The Qur'an says Muslims should forgive those who offend them.
  • Muhammad said that Muslims should be forgiving.

Muslims should not forgive those working against Islam

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