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Why are there places of worship?

There are places of worship because building a place of worsip is considereded to be an act of worship itself. This is because giving up time and money is seen as a sacrifice to God.

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Why do religions not need places of worship?

Religions do not need a place of woship because God is everywhere. This means that religions do not need a place of worhsip because it doesn't matter where you are, God will always receive your prayer.

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What three things are visible on the outside of a

A cross or a crucifix is visible from the outside of a church to show that it is a holy place and to show resect to God. A cross symbolises the ressuerection of Jesus and the crucifix symbolises Jesus' crucifixtion. A church also has a spire, this symbolises a 'finger' pointing to God and it is also visible from distances. Stained galss windows are also visible from the outside of church. these show pictures of Jesus and the Saints and shows stories from the Bible. 

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What are three things visible from the outside of

The Star of David is visible from the outside of a synagogue. This is the symbol of Judaism and represents King David, the greatest king of the Isralites. Another thing visible on the outside of a synagogue is the 10 commandments. These were the rules given to Moses, they are very important to the Jews. The menorah is a seven baranched candlebra which can be seen from the outside of a synagogue. 

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Why should a place of worship be visible from the

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