R.e. Relationships

The key words and meanings!

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Celibacy-Abstence in a sexual relationship.

Chasisity-No sex before marriage; to remain sexually pure.

Commintment-sense of dedication and obligations in a relationship

Vow-a promise bewtween two people or between and person and God

Tradition-belief custom or common practise

Conflict-stresses or strains that takes place within all human relationships

Love-an emotional feeling; that joins two people together

Responsibilities-actions you are expected to carry out

Reconciliation-Saying sorry and making up after an arguement

Rite of passage-a change in a person's status or important stage in life

Relationship-an emotional connection between two people


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R.e.Is it fair??

Prejudice-Pre-judging someone on the exterior without knowing them from the interior

Injustice-Treating someone unfairly and wrongly

Discrimination-Singling someone out for the way they look or act or the way they are

Equality-treating everyone the same as everyone else

Identity-Sense of who you are

Authority-Having power over someone or a group of people throguh position or moral teaching.

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R.e.Looking for meaning

Afterlife-a belief that a human exsistence continues after death

Awe-a sense wonder in relation to god's creation or presence

Community-a group of people who are joined together because they share something in common

God-the ultimate and supreme power given worship

Revelation-the ways in which God chooses to reveal himself to people

Symbolism-a representation of an idea through actions or images

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R.e.Our world








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