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Is It Fair?

Discrimination is always wrong - God created everyone in his own image so everyone is equal

- Jesus mixed with everyone, he didn't discrimnate.

Socially Responsible - Treat everyone equally , give to charity

-Jews give Tzdeka, christians - christian aid

Wealth - God given, money shouldn't distract you from God, give to charity, don't charge interest    - when you pass away- can't take money/material goods, the torah said always be kind to neighbours and strangers so they give to charity, aren't led away from God by possesions

Prejudice in religion - Bible teaches equality, golden rule, sexism, Jews say wrong - holocasut,

Religion in the media - should be shown positively -mislead if not - cause discrimination like 911 bombings, can give important updates, advertise charities, right to know negatives - nobody's perfect, misleading- tells us all religious people are good and follow sacred texts - stereotypes

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Our World

Humans different to animals - have emotion, language, morality, compassion, dominon over animals

Creation - literalists - 6 days, rest on 7th God, 24 hours is 1 day, adam from dust of earth, Eve from adam's rib,     - Non-literalist - God created big bang, 1 day is thousands of years

Science v Religion - relegion provides solutions to problems - stewardship - care for environment, equal - charitable, moral teachings- less crime    - science -technology, medicines, renewable energies

Stewardship - chrisitians  -Chico Mendes  - non-violent protests to save rainforests     - Jews - JNF look after land in israel brings water to israel by planting trees, managing soil

Life is to be enjoyed - only one life/ no afterlife so enjoy this one, humans seek pleasure, nothing wrong with living for the moment, life should be service to God, there is an afterlife so this life isn't simply for pleasure, purpose of us is to look after the world and give to chairty, help others purpose of life - have children, be good stewards, give to charity - reduce poverty, get married

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marriage is for life - sacrament, gift from God, should be valued, vows in front of God to stay together, Catholics don't recognise divorce so together forever, show commitment, Sex - gift from God, should only happen in marriage, should take a vow of chastity, God gave us the ability so shouldn't ause it - no adultery or sex before marriage, jews- one of three stages of amrriages, starts a specails relationship/contract between two people - one man and one woman

marriage - Chrisitnaity -rigns -eternal love, vows -said in front of God, church - house of God           - Jews - broken glass- can be hard times, marrie dunder a chuppa - harmony and community, Rabbi leads service - God's messenger    Divorce and Remarriage - marriage is for life, catholics don't recognise divorce so can't remarry, marriage is a sacrament - shouldn't divorce, if unhappy then yes because quality of life is more important

Same sex - one man to on woman, to have children, shouldn't break with tradition, not their fault if gay, everyones equal, happiness shoud come first, 'man should not lie with man, God hates that Contaception  - strict no except rythym method - kills potential life, all life is sacred , non- strict yes- quality rather than quantity, jews no condoms - barrier

Family - important - identity, morals, belogning, pass wealth and possesions on

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Looking For Meaning

God exists - miracles, suffering - humans have free will,

Expericence God - holy books, texts , beauty of the world Respond ot God - Prayers - communicating, reading the Bible, Go to Church, pilgrimage, Torah, synagogue to worhsip, follow rules, prayer

Secular society - Fewer people go to places of worship, many people still believ, prayer and celebrate festivals  Religion has value - provides stability, community and belogning, guidance and support

funeral rites - chrisitianity -comfort and forgiveness, service in church, hymns, prayers, cremated or buried, earth thrown on coffin, lowered in gorund 'ashes to ashes, dust to dust'      Jews - coffin not left alone before burial, must be buried - cremation deliberately destroys body, wrapped in simple cloth - equality, rabbi, hymns, prayers, period of mourning called shiva.

Afterlife - day of judgement - heaven or purgatory - heaven or hell, jews heaven or sheol, eternal life with god, believ because jesus ressurection, comfoting to think, souls connect to God, no proof, don't want to focus on next life, jews focus on this life rather than next.

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