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Revision Cards on the Monday exam for Philosophy 2, B602

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Qoutes to remember

  • Genesis 2; ''breathed the breath of life'' - soul
  • Psalms 24; ''the Earth is the Lord's'' - stewards
  • Genesis; ''man in our image and let them rule'' dominion
  • Genesis 2:15; take care of the Garden of Eeden - enviroment
  • Pope John Paul II - the earth and all life on it is a gift from God for everyone, terefore it should not be exploited.
  • God told Noah he could eat from animals
  • Jesus rode a Donkey into Jerusalem
  • Thomas Moore was applauded by the Pope for standing up to Henry VII being Head of the Church, stuck with his conscience even though he lost his life for it.
  • Story of Job - God allowed Satan to test his faith and he stayed strong thus got more riches
  • Jesus didn't die on the cross in vain, promote love and humanity
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