R.E Philosophy 1

R.E Philosophy 1 - Deity + End of Life

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What do Christians believe about God?

Christians believe God is

omniscience (infinite knowledge)

omnipotence(unlimited power) - the bible says Jesus rose from the dead.

omniprecense (present everywhere) - he looks over us

omnibenevolence (perfect goodness) - the bible says he will love everyone

How many Gods to christians believe in? one. This is called Monothiest

Why are miracles important? Gives faith, Shows God exists, Shows god is omnipotent etc.

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End of life

Key Words:-

Heaven - A place with God eternally. A place of peace. "God shall wipe away every tear from your eye"

Hell - A place seperated from God. A place of suffering. "Wailing and gnashing of teeth"           

Purgatory - A place to be purified for heaven

Soul - Made in the image & likeness of God. Part of you that lives on when you die.

Salvation - To be saved

Origional sin - Commited first sin

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End of life 2

Hindus believe your soul goes to heaven and Brahman reincarnates you into another human. But if you have sinned your reincarnation gets "degraded" e.g a tree.

Rite = Ceremony

Prayers - Knowing theyre with god

Bible readings - Can help understand the dead are in peace

Eulogy - This is a time to reflect on the person and remember good memorys.

Bury or cremation of the deceased - People understand the person has gone

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