RE Key Words

They keywords from each topic for Y10 RE.

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Relationships - Keywords

  • Chastity 
  • Commitment
  • Conflict
  • Love
  • Reconciliation 
  • Responsibilities 
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Relationships - Keywords - Answers

  • Chasitity - Not having sex before marriage and remaining sexually pure. For example the silver ring thing 
  • Commitment - A sense of dedication and obligation to something or someone. For example being faithful in a marriage.
  • Conflict - Stress and strain that take place in a relationship. For example arguing over money.
  • Love - One of the most powerful human emotions that brings people together. For example showing agape love to a complete stranger.
  • Reconciliation - Apollogising and making up after an argument. For example marriage counciling.
  • Responsibilities - Actions you are expected to carry out. For example raising your children well.
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Is it fair? - Keywords

  • Authority
  • Discrimination 
  • Equality
  • Identity
  • Injustice
  • Prejudice
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Is it fair? - Keywords - Answers

  • Authority - Power over others through position or moral teaching. For example the police or a vicar
  • Discrimination - The action of treating people differently because of prejudice or acting upon prejudice. For example not giving someone a job because of who they are.
  • Equality - The belief that everyone should have equal rights. For example the right to an education.
  • Identity - The sense of who you are in terms of character and personality. For example your religion and beliefs are part of your identity.
  • Injustice - Where everyone is not treated equally. For example unfair inprisionment.
  • Prejudice - Judging people to be inferior or different without cause. For example deciding you dont like someone before you've even met them.
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Looking for meaning - Keywords

  • Afterlife
  • Awe
  • Community
  • God
  • Revelation
  • Symbolism 
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Looking for meaning - Keywords - Answers

  • Afterlife - A belief that human experience continues after death. For example belief in heaven and hell.
  • Awe - A sense of wounder in relation to Gods creation or presence. For example looking at beautiful scenary.
  • Community - A group of people joined together because they share something in common. For example the same religion.
  • God - The ultimate and supreme power who people worship.
  • Revelation - The way in which God chooses to reveal himself to people. For example through miracles.
  • Symbolism - A representation of an idea through images. For example the cross represents and reminds them that Jesus died to save our sins.
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Our World - Keywords

  • Creation
  • Dominion 
  • Environment 
  • Humanity
  • Soul 
  • Stewardship 
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Our World - Keywords - Answers

  • Creation - The way in which something is uniquely made. For example God created the world.
  • Dominion - Being in charge and having power over others. For example using the environment to benefit humans.
  • Environment - The surroundings of the place in which human beings live. For example the countryside.
  • Humanity - All the people who live on earth.For example Gods creation.
  • Soul -The part of human nature which is spiritual and influences an individuals personality. For example the part of God within all humanity.
  • Stewardship - The God given responsiblity to care for the world. For example humans were put in control, but they should respect the life on the world.
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