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Types of family

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Types of family

A nuclear family - Where two parents live with one or more children in the same home.

Extended family - can include several generations, living in the same house or close by in the same streets.

Re - constituted family - Where divorced or bereaved people have remarried or are living together to bring their children into their new relationship. Two families are brought up together.

Lone family- Also known as single parent family or one - parent is where one parent brings up a child or children on their own.

Community family - Involves several people choosing to live together and sharing work, property and bringing the children up together.

Expanded family - Group of similar people for example aged or disabled living together with the help of professional agencies to support.

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Single sex families - For example when a woman brings up her children with the help of another woman

Childless families - Where there are no children living in the home. Perhaps they have chosen not to have children or could not have children or the children have grown up and left home.

Dysfunctional families - Where there are problems which make families not get on.

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