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(a) What is pacifism?

The belief that all disputes should be settled by peaceful means

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(b) Do you think schools treat bullies too softly?

I think schools treat bullies too softly because in when a child get bullied it has a mental and sometimes a physical effect on their lives forever. Also the person who is bullying still carries on even after he has just been told of which is not a very serious punishment. In Christianity violence without a good reason is sinful and bullying is exactly that. Also humans are made in the image of God so bullying someone because of their personality and appearance is disrespectful to God. 

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(c) Choose one religion other than Christianity.

Muslims believe forgiveness is very important as it resolves most conflicts.

Firstly muslims should be merciful because Allah is most compassionate and merciful and he forgives many sins commited by humans.

In addition to this on Judgement Day Muslims have hopes that Allah will forgive them for their sins meaning they should forgive others. 

Similarly to this in the Qur'an it says, "If a person forgives and makes reconciliation, his reward is due from Allah." This means that if a Muslim wants more rewards then they should forgive others for this reward.

Lastly in the Hadith it clearly says, "Be forgiving." This shows that Prophets use to forgive people which means that Muslims should forgive as well becasue they follow the teachings of the Prophets. 

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(d) "If people were more religious..."

(i) I agree with this because in Islam, the Qur'an says that Muslims have to fight if they're attacked. Also the Prophet Muhammad fought in wars and we should all follow him. The Qur'an also includes that anyone fighting in just wars will go staright to Paradise. 

(ii) Others may disagree because they believe that i can sometimes cause more religious conflicts. In Christianity Jesus said to "Love your enemies" which means that you should not go against your enemies but be friends with them. In wars you mostly have to kill and in the 10 Commandments it says, "Do not kill."

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