R.E - Evil and Suffering

Case studies and definitions to do with evil and suffering.

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Moral Suffering

Moral suffering: caused by evil/human actions e.g war, delibrate or accidental.

Example: The torture and murder of James Bulger.
"The suffering on an innocent child cannot be justified"

Two boys, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables both 10-years-old, deliberately took james from the side of his mother in New Strand Shopping Centre in Liverpool walked James to the village of Walton, then the two boys took him to a railway line, tortured him and left him still alive on a trainline for a train to kill him, his body was discovered until 2 days later. 

This is a clear example of deliberate moral suffering, and it may make people question the existance of God, for 1. not preventing such suffering for the James and 2. for creating such evil people to exist.

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Natural Suffering

Natural suffering: caused by nature e.g earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis.

Example: March 2011, Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.
This could not be caused by a specific thing or someone. 

It was a magnitude of 9.0 on the ricter scale approxiamtely 130km east of Sendai and lasted about 6 minutes. Scientists cannot explain why it happened and what caused it, and probably will never know. 

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Evil is an unknown thing, nobody knows if evil is a person, force or psycological phenomenom.

Evil: morally bad or wrong, causing ruin, pain, injury or distress.

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