6603 PAPER; covering the following

  • contraception
  • divorce and remarriage
  • attitudes towards sexual relationships
  • marriage
  • roles of men and women
  • same sex relationships
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What: to chemically or physically prevent a pregnancy from occurring by intervening the process of fertilization (egg meet sperm)

25% of couples use contraceptive methods


  • sex is not just for procreation but also for intimacy and enjoyment
  • allows responsible family planning
  • avoids unwanted pregnancies
  • prevents STDs
  • sex is for enjoyment; 1 Corinthians 7: 'husband should fulfill his martial duty to his wife, likewise the wife to her husband'

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  • Church has always been against it
  • Children are seen as a blessing therefore God decided when a child will be born (refer to Sarai)
  • Undermines the sanctity of marital relations (procreation is for marriage)
  • Spread of STDs and unwanted pregnancies due to availability of condoms and the pill (leads to misuse)
  • Contraceptives such as a pill ends the pregnancy after conception has taken place - to allow contraceptives but not allow abortions wouldn't be legit
  • ''Be fruitful and increase in number'' Genesis 1:28

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Catholics believe ''artificial'' contraception is wrong; pill, condoms, IUD etc because:

  • they believe God designed sex for a purpose; procreation for married men and women
  • destroys a human life and is the same as abortion (morning after pill)
  • fear that using a contraceptive will make people more promiscous preferring sex to love.... However many Catholics do not follow this because it would be unrealistic not to.

Protestant Churches believe that it's the couple's responsibility:

  • they teach that it is sensible 
  • children are more likely to be loved and cared for if the family plan for them meaning the can afford to bring them up well

Church of England and Free Churches:

  • intelligent control and should be the result of a positive choice before God
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