R.E Believing in God


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Why people believe in God

1.They are brought up to believe in God ( Catholic upbringing )

2.They had a religious experience

3.They look at the design and appearance of the world and believe there must be a designer for the world, and that designer must be God.

4.They believe that everything in the world has a cause and so the universe must have had a cause.  Therefore that cause must be God

5.They believe that life must have a purpose and meaning and that only God can give that meaning

6.The fact that there are many religions believing in a God means that there must be a God, all can’t be wrong

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How a Catholic upbringing may lead to or support b

Parents tell child about God and child believes parents

Parents teach child to pray which then becomes natural to the child

Seeing other people praying in church

Going to children’s liturgies to help learn about God in an easier way

Catholic primary schools and secondary schools have RE lessons which teach about God's existence

Going on retreats with schools or parish

Sacraments help strengthen child's faith, they may have a religious experience e.g. when the Bishop lays his hands on a young persons head during Confirmation

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