Re Believing in God

This cards summarise the main opints the bleiving in god section of re 

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Reasons for believing in God

Religious Upbringing 

Going to Church, Baptism, Prayers, Sunday School, Assemblies, Confirmation and Religous Expriences (see Card 2) would all help a person become closer and to discover God personally helping thier belief in God.

Influences From People Around You

If people around respect and have a faith yo may be interseted to find out why they have this fiath therefore ths could influnece you int beliving in God.

Religious Upbringing Is Part Of Life 

Having a religous upbringing is part of life and by worshiping God it helps you to belive he exisits.


Going through things such as confirmation and having relgous exprinces it may be meaningful for you.

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Religious Experiences

Religious Experiences give direct contact with God 

Numinous - Feeling of the presence of God. Something such as the sunset may give you a sense of awe and wonder and that there is a greater being (God) and you can feel his presence.

Conversion - Something happens that makes a person want to change thier life or change thier belief on God. They may be 'born again'. May move form atheism to a belif in God.

Miracles - Something that goes against the laws of nature and cannot be explained. it is God within the world. Examples of these are, Healing of the paralised man and Walking on water. This would persaude someone to belive in God. (See Card 3 For Possible Explainations)

Prayer - A way of communicating with God. Formal prayers at mass or informal personal prayers.

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The Design Argument

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