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Religious upbringing


  • baptised
  • taught to pray to God everyday 
  • might go to Church school
  • thank God on Festivals
  • Sunday School
  • taken to Church


  • born Muslim but adhan is whispered into babys ear 
  • taught 5 pillars of Islam
  • Halal dress requirements and Food
  • go to madrasah
  • ummah encourages members to follow path of Islam
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Religious Experience - direct contact with God

Numinous: the feeling of something greater than you 

Prayers:  communicating with God,even more of an experience when prayers are answered.

Experiencing a Miracle:  breaking the laws of science and can only be explained by the existence of God.

Conversion: a definite feeling of God's presence which makes you religious and and changes your life e.g. Paul's conversion on the road to Damascus.

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Design Argument:  

If things follow a plan they are said to be designed

  • complexity of the world (weather,oceans,stars etc)
  • universe according to scientific laws
  • Human complexities - DNA,human body,reproduction
  • Paleys watch arguement

Causation Argument:

The idea that if something happens,something must've caused it to happen

  • everything in the world is caused by something
  • anything caused to exist must be caused by something else
  • only God can be the true cause of the Universe

These Arguments can lead to people believing in God

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Scientific explanations of the world

These can lead people to become atheist or agnostic because if science can explain the world without God then theres no proof that God exists .

  • Matter is eternal, it can not be created or destroyed
  • 15 billion years ago the matter of the universe explored ( the big bang )
  • Universe flew away from the explosion which formed stars and our universe
  • gases on the earth produced primitive life forms
  • changes in primitive life forms led to evolution, humans evolved
  • Evidence for the Big Bang - the red shift in light from other galaxies means universe is expanding
  • Evidence for Evolution- fossils and DNA
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Christian response to scientific explanations

1. Scientific explanations are true, this proofs that God created the Universe "The Big Bang had to be exactly the right micro second...this couldnt have happened by chance so God ensured it to happen"

2.Science is wrong and Bible is right.God created the world as it is described in the Bible this is called creationism.

3.Science and Bible are true.The Big Bang is described in the Bible.

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Unanswered prayers & Response

  • unanswered prayers can doubt the existence of God especially when praying for good things e.g. end war
  • Not feeling Gods presence when praying can cause people to loose faith in God.


  • if you pray for something selfish e.g God let me pass this exam even though you havent revised, it would be wrong to let you pass the exam.
  • personal prayer.
  • parents dont give their children everything they want but give them what they need in the same way God gives us what we need.
  • God knows better what we need .
  • Have faith in prayers, maybe theres something better than your prayers
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Evil and suffering

This leads to agnosticism and atheisim 

Moral evils - wars... but things such as disease and starvation are blamed on God.

  • If God is benevolent he must want to get rid of these things
  • If he's omnipotent he must be able to get rid of these things


  • God wants us to fight against evil and suffering so people should follow the example of Jesus and pray and help people.
  • All Christians respond to suffering by helping those who suffer.
  • Free will has brought evil and suffering in the World.
  • Life is a test if there was no evil you wouldnt be able to help those that fight against evil.
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