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Bible says : Aid to Developing Countries

Parable of the Rich Fool:

  • we shouldn't be greedybut we should liveour lives to help others
  • in heaven we won't be judged on our riches
  • in heaven we will be rewarded for genorosity
  • in God's eyes we will be a rich person

Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus:

  • during life if we own+ possess a lot - but don't give
  • after death we will suffer
  • we should always give-1 day we might be suffering and no one will pity us

if you are wealthy it canblind you from what is important

there is a responsibilitygiven to theose who have beengiven a lot - they are required to give to the poor rather than demand more for themselves

if we ignore the poor we bring judgement on ourselves

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Responses to Poverty in Britain

  • NSPCC - prevent cruelty to children + child poverty- want political parties to agree on minimum income standard - wants to end social exclusion - emotionally + physically poor
  • SALVATION ARMY - care for elderly - basic care - provides medical centres, schools + homeless centres
  • HELP THE AGED + AGECONCERN - campaigns to help pensioners - 2 groups work together for bigger impact
  • charities use famous people/celebrities to introduce/highlight causes
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Theories of Punishment

PROTECTION: protects

  • society from the criminal
  • the criminal from the backlash of society
  • the criminal from the worst excesses of his/her own behaviour

DETERRENCE: prevents

  • criminal reoffending
  • others copying the crime

VINDICATION: shows law must be upheld

  • society can't live without law
  • someone breaking the law is attacking the fabric of our society - must be punished

RETRIBUTION: revenge-if we CHOOSE to do something wrong - we DESERVE to be punished - actions have consequences - seen as JUST not UNFAIR

REFORM: teaching criminal theres a better way to live - you have a 2nd chance

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Crime and Punishment

Coporal Punishment: punishing the body / physical punishment

Capital Punishment: Death Penalty

sin : breaking God's law

crime : break's county's law

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