Religion and Human Relationships

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Men and women in family

Many Christians

men and women are of equal value to god but have different purposes

Eve: helper to adam,support

Eve sinnned sinned first: women weaker

"women be submissive to your husbands"

Other christians

men and women: both image of god

equal oppitunities and resposibilities

"there is neither male nor female for you are all one in christ"

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Sexual Relationships

Many christians

sex= appropriate in marrige 

"body is a temple to the holy spirit" = sanctity of life

sex to make babies not for pleasure

no affairs, homosexuality, living together or casual sex

Other christians

christianity message love, sex acceptable in a loving relationship and accept homosexuality

disagree with casual sex and affairs

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Traditional Chistians

artificial contraception is wrong( condoms, the pill etc.) the encourage casual sex

sex to make children

natural methods are acceptable, like rhythem method

Modern Christians

contraception is the resposible thing to do, people should be free to choose when they want children

children should be wanted by their parents

stops the spread of STI's and over population

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Marrige Service

1. marrige was created by god

2 objections

3. the couples consent (i do/ i will)

4. vicar pronounces the couple married

5. the signing of the register

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Civil Partnerships

Some Christians

Gay and Lesbian couples are free to commit to eachother

God made them as they are

Other Chistians

Homosexuality is a sin and that civil partnerships should not be allowed

Different interpretations of the bible

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Roman Catholic Christians

donnot allow divorce

God joins people in marrige and it cannot be undone

Catholics can live apart but connot divorce

Church of England Christians

divorce can only be used as a last resort

if the couple have tried to be a couple and they cannot then divorce can be accepted

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