R.E animal welfare

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Differences between animals and humans

  • humans have sense or right or wrong
  • humans have a complex language
  • humans are more superior
  • animals have an intelligence limit
  • animals may not be as evolved
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Rights do animals have

  • not to be abused
  • treated well by owners
  • treated with respect
  • given health care
  • given food and water
  • be slaughtered humanely
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Humans use animals for...

  • food
  • pets
  • animal testing
  • entertainment
  • work
  • sport
  • transport
  • clothing
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Stewardship: duty to look after something

Creation: idea that god created the world and all life

Genetic modification: DNA is changed so the breed changes

Cloning: the creation of an organism that is an exact genetic copy of another.

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Factory farming: practice of raising lots of farm animals in small areas


Chicks debeaked when young, Hens and pigs confined in barren environments

-lead to joint pains, boredom, frustration

Farm animal welfare council set up in 1979

5 freedoms:

From hunger + thirst, From pain, From discomfort, From injury or disease, From fear or distress

Foie gras from geese. Geese over fed by force feeding so their liver gets bigger so more pâté is produced.

Veal comes from calves. Kept in dark and only fed milk do the meat stays pale

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Fox hunting:

Hunter on horseback takes out pack of dogs which follow the foxes scent. Dogs kill the foxes by ripping it to pieces.

Foxes are killed: as they kill other annals, for fun.

Not the fixes fault


Shooting animals for food. Some animals that are shot dot get used. Killed for pleasure.

Seal hunting (culling):

Kill the babies to keep the numbers down by clubbing them to death. Use seal skin for clothing. Done in parts of Canada.


  • few need to hunt in the modern world
  • fur can be replaced with other materials
  • blood sports are cruel
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Blood sports

A sport that includes the shedding of blood, especially the hunting of animals. Normally for entertainment

Hare coursing:

Pursuit of hares with greyhounds . Dogs chase the hare by sight and not scent. Dogs tested on their ability to run, overtake and turn a hare

Badger baiting:

Wild badgers are targeted and attacked by illegal gangs. Dogs usually end up badly injured.

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Test drugs

> animals that are being tested on have no say in what happens. Don't agree, are forced. Usually in a lot of pain and discomfort.

> aft experiment, animal is usually killed so scientists can see effects inside the body

> there are non-animal alternatives for some scientific experiments

> some would say that animals are needed so drugs can be produced to save lives


  • some testing is cruel
  • Millions of animals die and suffer due to experiments
  • need products to be tested
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A zoo is a facility in which animals are confined within enclosures displayed to the public and in which they May bread.
Exist to educate, entertain and keep endangered species safe.

Original purpose:
To entertain the public which meant the animals were badly treated and kept in unsuitable surroundings.

Purpose today:
To care and preserve the animals and so they are housed in better surroundings. Breeding programmes to preserve endangered species


  • animals taken from natural environment
  • Many zoos are poorly maintained And obvious cruelty
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Planning and Animal modification

Dolly the sheep was the first successful animal to be cloned born in 1996
Cloning can cause quickening of the ageing process
Dolly developed illnesses that showed how cloned animals may not be healthy
It is illegal to complete on Humans

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Why people may be vegetarian

  • Do not like meat
  • Part of their religion
  • Do not want to hurt animals
  • Do not want to eat something that has a soul
  • May think meats can cause health problems
  • Arable can feed more people
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Pressure groups


  • 30 years ago
  • Group to stop the hunting of whitecoat harp seals on the west coast of Canada
  • Addressed animal welfare issues particular to the UK and promoted its global acts
  • More than 800,000 supporters


  • Campaigning against animal experimentation
  • Founded in 1875 by Francis power cobbe
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Religious attitudes


  • not to hurt other sentient beings (1st precept)
  • right livelihood, not to have a job which exploits animals
  • compassion (loving kindness) and ahimsa (non-violence)
  • Buddha lived several lifetimes in which he gave up his life to help animals


  • god made the world and gave man Dominian over it
  • scientists must abort labatories and factories of death (Pope John Paul 2nd)
  • animals are part of gods creation And deserve respect and protection
  • the earth and everything in it is the lord's
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