Good and Evil

Religion and Science

Beliefs about Deity

The End of Life

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Moral Evil - Caused by humans - War, starvation, racism

Natural Evil - Not caused by humans - Natural disasters, floods, earthquakes

Causes of Evil

  • Adam and Eve - original sin, the fall
  • Free will
  • Necessary - helps us understand justice, learn from our mistakes
  • Test of faith - story of Job, God will not test you beyond what you can bear
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The Devil

Devil is a fallen angel - He was an angel cales Lucifer and he was thrown out of heaven for challenging Gods authority

Tries to get people to loose faith - Causes suffering and tempts people away from God - Jesus in the wilderness, Adam and Eve

He is a symbol - Not a real being, he is a symbol to show how people struggle to do what is right when they are tempted

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Christians Pray - God will hear them and comfort them and strengthen them - feel closer to God - ask God to help (heal someone) - God understands suffering because Jesus suffered

Accept Suffering - they believe God brings good out of all situations

Help - They help people who are suffering

If God is all-loving/ all-powerful why doesn't he stop suffering?

If there is a God, why does he not intervene with suffering? - not loving/powerful

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Moral Behaviour

Why do Christians behave morally:

  • To show love and obedience to God
  • To live life the way God wants
  • Because Jesus lived morally
  • To show Gods love
  • So that they can go to heaven (eternal life)
  • To set a good example for others
  • To stop suffering

Moral Guidance:

  • The Bible
  • Ten Commandments
  • Jesus
  • Parables
  • Conscience
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Existence of God

Arguements for the Existence of God:

Teleological arguement - The world is so complex it must have a designer

Cosmological arguement - No event doesn't have a cause. Everything created must have a cause. God must have caused the world/universe

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