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The importance of the present life- Purpose

Purpose- could be seen to show the extra importance: 

- Patrick Moore- What happened before the big bang? Stephen Hawking- purpose to find origin and Ben Elton showes this is constantly changing. Desmond Tutu- life about faith, hope and doubt. MLK- Finding something to die for 

- Importance seen in longviety of life being a gift to the children of Exodus. Also seen with the book of Job- in which Job would not curse death and die because of the importance of the present life

- Kant- the purpose of life is to achieve complete good with god 

- Hick- the potentialtity of human beings goes well into the afterlife

- the availability of afterlife showes this importance, beleif in it because of the example of Jesus (doubted by Ahraham) or becsause of Imago Dei/ God wouldnt let us die 

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Linear/ Cyclical views

- Importance of the present life seen with Christianity because of judgement- this life carries extra emphasis. 

- John 3:16- Beleif is enough whilst Matt 12:37- an action is needed- fuller sense of judgement. Also seen with Hicks seperationist theory which emphasises the idea of judgement- we will be seperated. Although parable of the debtors shows this punishment will be finite. Previus archbishop Rowan Williams suggest ideas on death to painful to manage.

- Seen with Hinduism with idea on karama and moksha being part of this life and implcating on death and beyond, seen with recnacuation stage- impact directly 

- Buddhism- Nirvana can take place in this life, emphasis on cyclical this life guides the next, Dali Lama says love and compassion vital 

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Swinburn progression of the soul

Swinburn suggests the soul is the part of the person that proceeds after death, life thus guides this puting an extra emphasis on its importance. The future of the soul depends on the present life as God does not predestine or reprobate. 

- Saints- Heaven reward, good moral compass and rewarded with freedom from sin and tendancy to sin 

- totally corrupt- resist good and do evil no moral code and eliminated or hell by means of painful sensations although not eternal because of goodness of God

- babies- heaven or eliminated- no sin against ideas on catholic original sin and need for baptism 

- good pagans- implicit faith minmised by desire and sin, benefit of the doubt to heaven reinforcing ideas on intent of action in 2nd Vatican Council 

- unsettled character- Christian practice of purgatory may be sutiable to ensure positve heaven after beign clensed from a bit of sin and a bit of goodness. 

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The extension of life through freezing body parts including brain for future to be bought back to life. 

- a pro life principle which emphasises importance of extending present life. 

- Acceptable with Religion if deemed healing instead of resurection confliction ideas 

- accepted by Rev Glaesner, Montomgery, CH Lewis 

- shows Religion and secular need to extend life 

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Secular ideas

It must first be considered if we are in a secular society which i would argue not. 

- General secular views centre around exrending life as seen with the modern day Methesuleh ideas, anti aging creams or buckets lists all aimed at extending life with reference to a lack of afterlife 

- David Hume- no worry of what has gone before of after his life

- Seen also with humanism eg David Bothwell of whom argues along with the BHA slogan "for the one life we have" that focus is on the present life rather than the future 

- Hick suggests humanism ideas summarised with death being another part of life needed for evoltuon. 

- could argue more importance on present as nothing in the future, but could detract from present less value. Could argue judgement is egotisitcal so this secular idea is highlighting importance of now not just working for the future 

- Religious ties within Humanism- Humanistic Religious accocatrion, Von Hutten early humanist connects to Religion with Luther. 

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Christopher Hitchens


Suggests Religion is the root of all things negative in the present life seen with Islamic fundamentalism in 9/11. 

Discussion with Tony Blair. Asserted Mother Teresa was a dwarf looking for private gain 

doesnt "get" Religion although he asserts he is a protestant atheist- likes some parts of Religion but mainly negative 

Discussion when dying in Godless in Tumourville article one of the four horsman of atheism 

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