RE Unit 2 Marriage and the Family

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Changing attitudes to marriage and the family

The UK is multi faith and multi ethnic

More people will cohabit instead of marrying

Homosexuality is more acceptable - used to be against the law

Civil Partnership gives homosexual couple same rights as husband and wife

Women are more equal to men - not in control of women

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Christian attitudes to sex outside marriage

Casual relationships are wrong

Sex is a special gift from God to be saved for marriage

Married couple should be faithful - no adultery (breaks vows to God)

Children born out of non married couple have a less stable life - might split

Promiscuity makes people vulnerable to STD

Pre martial sex is allowed in a long term relationship where the couple intend to get married

Cohabitation helps the couple know if they are well matched and is a step towards marriage

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Christian attitudes to divorce

Reasons for divorce

Divorce is more acceptable in modern society

People do not want to be treated badly - Golden Rule

Women do not need to be looked after like in the past

Some people do not take wedding vows seriously 


Jesus allowed divorce when there has been adultery

Catholics ignore divorce because marriage is for life - otherwise breaking the vows to God - remarriage is seen as adultery

God is ready to forgive sins

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Christian teachings on family life

Children should be brought up in a loving family where they can be taught right from wrong

'honour your parents' - Ten Commandments

Parents have a responsibility to teach their children about God

Children attend Church and Sunday school to teach them about Christian beliefs

The Church provides support for families

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Christian attitudes to homosexuality


God intended marriage to be between a man and woman

Couples cannot have children

Bible teaches homosexuality is wrong

Homosexuals should never have sex - it is unnatural


Homosexuality is natural - it is how God created them

Couples show love for each other so should be allowed to show commitment

Jesus taught 'love thy neighbour' which means respecting everyone

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Christian attitudes to contraception


It helps a married couple to plan when they will have a baby at the right time

Could be harmful to the mother

Couple could carry genetic disorders

Job might not fit in time or money for child


The purpose of marriage is to produce children- contracepetion stops this

Sex is a gift from God so should be used for procreation

Contraception can encourage promiscuity

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The Pregnant Man

Transgender man is pregnant because wife if infertile

Christians asking to pray for God to forgive their sins

Loving couple, overcome difficult situations, child could be media attraction

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