RE Rights and Responsbilities

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Using the Bible for Moral Decisions

  • The Bible records Jesus' life = shows how Christians should behave.
  • Contains God's teachings - the Decalogue = clear moral guidance.
  • Bible is the word of God = God's ultimate guidance and absolute authority.
  • The Bible was authenticated by God = eensures they meet God's approval on their actions.
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Using the Church for Moral Decisions

  • Church is the body of Christ = the Church works in the same way Jesus did in society.
  • God speaks to the world through the Church.
  • By following the Church, Christians can be confident that they are doing the right thing.
  • Church is the community of Christian believers which is guided by God.
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Using Conscience for making Moral Decisions

  • Chruch says to follow your conscience as if it is the voice of God.
  • God speaks to Christians, so the conscience is like the voice of God speaking to individuals.
  • St Paul taught that Christians should use their conscience.
  • Teachings of Church and Bible are not directly from God but their conscience is God speaking directly to individuals.


  • If everyone followed their conscience instead of laws then life would be chaotic.
  • People have been mistaken about the voice of God, so you can be mistaken about your conscience.
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Using Situation Ethics for Moral Decisions

  • Jesus appeared to follow situation ethics
  • Christianity is the religion of love and forgiveness
  • Believe that Jesus' statement that the only laws are to love God and love your neighbour as yourself
  • It is wrong to ignore the cppnsequences of your actions - you should only do what will produce good results
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Human Rights

Human Rights:

  • Right to life, Freedom of Thought, Conscience and Religion, Freedom of Expression, Right to an Education, Right to vote.

Human Rights are important:

  • Without HR's, you could be living in a dictatorship as opposition to leaders have been unfairly imprisoned.
  • Without the right to freedom of thought and expression, minority religions and political parties could be banned.
  • Without the right to take part on free elections, there would be no democracy.

Human Rights are not important:

  • People abuse HR laws.
  • In a democracy you do not need HR as people can vote for what they want.
  •  You are ought to be able to torture terrorists to find out where they have planted bombs as this will save innocent lives.
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Human Rights and Christianity

Human Rights are important to Christians:

  • Right to life - sancity of life
  • All people are made in the image of God and are on human family
  • Equality of human family is shown in Jesus' teachings
  • HR's are important as C's believe in justice and HR's are a fundamental part of justice

Why Human Rights can cause problems:

  • Many against the right to form civil partnerships and believe they have the right to descriminate.
  • Some are against the right to marry someone from a different faith = believe they have the right to discriminate
  • Some are agianst the right for homosexuals to raise a family.
  • Possible problmes for catholic church if women use HR laws to become a priest
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Why voting is important

  • UK is a democracy = over 18 measn they have the right to vote.
  • New laws can affect our lives - we have a say
  • How can you complain if you do not vote
  • Women fought for our vote

Why voting isnt important

  • Things often end up the same
  • Only the majoritys voice gets heard
  • One among millions of voters
  • Not trained to organise a country so we dont know whats best
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Genetic Engineering

  • Christian views
  • Jesus was a healer
  • Improving life is something God wants us to do as his stewards
  • Creating cures/preventing disease is working with God
  • Embryos cannot be human until they are 14 days old
  • God created the genetic make up, we have no right to interfere with God
  • GE is playing God
  • Wrong to try and mkae the earth perfect
  • Killing an embryo is killing a human life - life begins at conception
  • Non religious
  • Offers cures for incurable diseases
  • Cloning using animal eggs does not involve a loss of human life
  • GE is closely monitered by the law
  • Through cloning, healthy cells have been produced to cure diseases
  • Too little information aout long term consequences
  • Effects would be irreversible if anything went wrong
  • Places too much power in the hands of scientists - master race
  • Treats the human body as a commodity
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