RE - Prejudice

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Christian Teachings

"Love thy neighbour" - care for everyone even those you hate.

"There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus" - Everyone is the same in the eyes of God.

The Good Samaritan - parable about helping people despite who they are.

"For God loves those who do good" - God loves people who care for others.

"I do not allow women to teach or have authority over men; they must keep quiet" - women not treated equally e.g. no women Pope.

"In his image" - we are all the same and are like God.

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Muslim Teachings

"A non Arab is no better than an Arab and an Arab is is no better than a non Arab." - It doesn't matter what religion you are.

"Ummah" - brotherhood / community.

"Allah does not look at your outward appearance; He looks at your hearts and your deeds." - It doesn't matter who you are only how you act.

"Paradise lies at the feet of your mother" - we must respect women.

"Men and women are equal but they have differnt roles to play."

However they also believe "women are twin halves of men" and women are not treated equally e.g. not allowed to drive.

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Buddhist Teachings

Karma - will get bad karma if prejudiced.

Right action - don't discriminate.

Metta - loving kindness.

Compassion should be shown to everyone.

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Causes of Prejudice

Ignorance / lack of education


Upbringing and background


Religion / traditions

Bad experience

Scapegoating - blaming whole group of people

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Effects of Prejudice



Mental health issues e.g. depression


Fear of groups of people

Historic example: Holocaust killed over 11 million people mostly Jews.

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Famous Individuals

Martin Luther King Jr. - Christian who had famous speech about segregation.

Malala Yousafzai - Muslim girl who got shot trying to attend school.

Barack Obama - first black president.

Aung San Suki - Buddhist placed under house arrest.

Ghandi - Hindu who worked for rights of Indian migrant workers.

Desmond Tutu - archbishop who fought against segregation without violence.

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Types of Prejudice and Laws

Racism - 2000 Race Relations Amendment Act

Ageism - age limits set for a reason e.g. safety

Homophobia - 2007 Sexual Orientation Act - many religions against being gay.

Sexism - 1975 Sex Discrimination Act

Religious predjudice - people free to practice their religion in the UK

Disablism - 2005 Disability Act

Looks / lifestyle

Human Rights Act 1948

2006 Equality Act - protects everyone from discrimination

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Key Words

Prejudice - judging someone without evidence.

Discrimination - Putting predjudicial thoughts into action.

Justice - treating people fairly and giving them what they deserve.

Positive discrimination - people given things because they belong to a minority group.

Harmony - to live peacefully and respectfully.

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