RE - Crime and Punishment

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Christian Teachings

"Forgive your brother seventy times seven"

"If your brother sins rebuke him, if he repents forgive him."

Parable of goats and sheep - don't ignore those in need.

"Love thy neighbour" - don't commit harmful crimes.

"Though shall not kill" - Ten Commandments

"Turn the other cheek" - forgive criminals

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Buddhist Teachings

Karma - bad karma from crimes

Right action and intention - don't commit crimes

First Precept - "do not harm"

Karuna - Showing compassion to everyone, even criminals

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Muslim Teachings

"Allah doth command you when you judge between man and man, that you judge with justice"

"For God loves those who do good."

"As to the theif, cut of their hand, by way of example" - Aim of deterrence - public punishment.

"We ordained them, life for life" - for death penalty

"The man and woman guilty of adultery, flog each of them"

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Aims of Punishment

Protection - keep public safe from the criminal

Reformation - make the criminal a better person

Deterrence - put others off commiting crime

Vindication - show that law must be respected

Retribution - get revenge on the criminal

Reparation - make up for the crime commited

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Types of Crime

Crimes against a person - physically / mentally harms another person e.g. murder, assault

Crimes against property - damages someone else's property e.g. arson, theft, vandalism

Crimes against the state - undermines government e.g. terrorism, tax evasion

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Reasons for Crime

Environmental - a person's upbringing e.g. poverty

Peer Pressure - being a member of a gang or needing to fit in

Psychological - personality traits e.g. jealous or greedy, psychological problems e.g. pyromaniac or sociopath

Drug addiction - use of illegal drugs, impaired judgement, theft to pay for drugs. Highest cause of crime.

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Arguments for the Death Penalty

Justice and revenge for victim and their family.

Protection as criminal can never reoffend.

Deterrence for others

Stronger punishment than life sentence

"We ordained for them, life for life." - Muslim

"An eye for an eye" - Christian (Old Testament)

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Arguments Against the Death Penalty

Not morally right.

Doesn't bring back the victim.

Person may be innocent

Executioner is a bad job (Buddhist right livelihood)

It is still murder

"Turn the other cheek" - Forgive everyone - Christian

Karuna - showing compassion for all. - Buddhist

Sanctity of life - All life is sacred and good given, even criminals. - Muslim and Christian

Agape - love should be shown to everyone - Christian

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Types of Punishment




Electronic tagging

Community service



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