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Christian Teachings

Dominion - We have power over animals and can do what we want with them.

Stewarship - Look after animals for God

"Every creature into your hands" - Animals are a gift from God that we must look after.

"The Earth and everything in it is the Lord's" - We must care for animals.

"A human being may be worth many sparrows, but even a sparrow does not die unnoticed" - We are worth more but still have the duty to look after animals.

Sanctity of life -  All life is sacred as it is given by God.

When God made animals, fish and birds "He saw that they were good" - Should be grateful for animals. Can be eaten.

"A righteous man has regard for the life of his animal" - We should care for our pets.

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Muslim Teachings

Halal meat - An animal must be killed as painlessly as possible in order to be eaten.

Khalifah / Stewarship - We have duty to look after animals and Earth for Allah.

"There is not an animal on earth, nor a bird that flies on its wings, but they are communities like you..." - Animals are like people and should therefore be respected.

If a man unjustfly kills an animal he will accused by the animal on judgement day.

Allah will hold people accountable if they kill animals for no reason.

"If someone kills a sparrow for sport, the sparrow will cry out on the Day of judgement 'O Lord!  That person killed me in vain!  He did not kill me for any useful purpose." - against hunting

Sharia law permits zoos and circuses.

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Buddhist Teachings

Karma - People will get bad karma if they harm animals.

Right Action - Treat animals well and dont harm them.

Right Livelihood - Don't have a job that hurts animals e.g. butcher.

Many Buddhists are vegetarians as they don't agree with eating animals.

Ahimsa - Non-violence to any and all living things.

First precept - Don't harm other sentient beings.

"All living things fear death - let no one kill or others to kill" (Dhammapada) - We should not kill animals as they are living things.

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Uses of Animals

Pets - provide companionship for owner and care for animal.

Some owners may be neglectful

Sports - can be exercise for animal e.g. horse riding. 

Can be cruel to animal e.g. hunting.

Work - helpful for those in need e.g. guide dogs. 

Can hurt and overwork animal e.g. donkey.

Food - provides food for people all over world

Farming methods and killing animals is cruel.

Test subjects - helps find cures for illnesses

Bad treatment of animals.

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They can have breeding programme to save endangered species.

It provides education which can lead to people caring about animals more.

Can encourage people to donate to animal charities.

Chance to see animals people would never see.


Unatural habitat for animals - they can get bored.

Some zoos have very poor conditions and neglect animals.

Crowds of people can scare animals.

Less space than in wild - living things deserve to be free.

Animals can be seperated from their families.

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Factory Farming


Quicker way of producing more food - Like Jesus fed the 5000.

Cheaper for company and consumer.


Chickens are kept in overcrowded and unatural environment.

Given hormones to make them grow quicker.

Killed after only a short amount of time.

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Free Range


Chickens are given a more natural life and are aloud outside.

They have a natural growth.

They are given longer lifes.

Better quality produce.


It is a lot more expensive.

Produces less food.

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Key Words

Animal experimentation - animals are bred as test subjects for things like medicines and cosmetics. They often suffer greatly and have unatural lives.

Genetic modification - taking the DNA from the embryo of an animal, changing it and placing it back to create a new species.

Cloning - making an exact DNA copy of an animal e.g. Dolly the sheep.

Fur and ivory trades - cruel industries that kill endangered species for materials.

Vegetarian - A person who does not eat meat or fish.

Extinction - When a whole species has been wiped out and no longer exists. Sometimes due to humans.

Hunting - chasing and killing of animals often as a sport. Cruel and unnecessary.

WWF - protects endangered wildlife and environments.

RSPCA - UK charity specialising in rescue, animal welfare and preventing animal cruelty.

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