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CHRISTIAN - Against abortion

Catholics and Evangelical Protestants do not support abortion because:

  • Abortion is viewed as murder
  • Life is a sacred gift from God
  • God has a plan for every human
  • All life has value even if a child may be born disabled
  • Life begins at conception
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CHRISTIAN - For abortion

Some other Christians are more liberal and can see it as 'the lesser of two evils'.  They argue:

  • Jesus taught about compassion towards others
  • We cannot be sure life begins at conception
  • In cases of **** or incest, it is the kindest action
  • Medical technology allows us to identify problems with the foetus
  • Abortion is the best choice if the Mothers life is at risk
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MUSLIM - sanctity of life

Life for Muslims is sacred and a gift from God.

Abortion takes away a life so is wrong

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MUSLIM - Ensoulment

Life beigns when the soul has entered the foetus at 120 days.  Some Muslims claim this happens earlier, after 40 days

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MUSLIM - When is abortion allowed?

Mostly believe it is wrong but many believe it might be allowed in some cases (e.g. if the mothers life was in danger).  This is because:

  • the foetus would not exist if it was not for the mother
  • the mothers life is established and she has responsibilites to carry out
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MUSLIM - Different Muslim views on abortion

  • Some allow abortion in the first 16 weeks, others only in the first 7 weeks of pregnancy
  • Some Muslim women believe they should be able to choose what happens to their bodies
  • An unplanned pregnancy is not a reason for abortion
  • Abortion is also not allowed if the pregnancy is a result of adultery
  • after 120 days, abortion is only allowed if the mother's life is in danger
  • Abortion is never allowed in situations where the parents are concerned that they cannot care for the child
  • Some argue abortion is allowed in cases of **** or incest
  • Before ensoulment (120 days) a foetus known to be suffering from a serious defect or blood disorder can be aborted
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