Rate of reaction graphs

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Rate of reaction graphs

  • The rate of a particular reaction varies under different conditions
  • The quickest reaction would have the steepest slope
  • The faster a reaction goes, the sooner it finishes which means it becomes flat earlier
  • Fairly slow reactions have graphs that aren't too steep
  • Reactions that are quicker but with the same initial amounts have steeper graphs
  • Reactions that produce more products aswell as going faster are a lot steeper and converge at a different level and time
  • There can only be more products if more reactants are added at the start
  • Reactions with the same amount of product produced all converge (flatten out) at the same level, although they take different times to get there

Reasons for increased rate of reaction:

  • Increase in temperature
  • Increase in concentration (or pressure in gases)
  • Catalyst added
  • Solid reactant crushed up into smaller bits
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