Rank and Jacobson 1977

'Not so obedient'

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They wanted to change Hoflings study. They felt uneasy that the nurses had no knowledge of the drug involved and that they had no opportunity to seek advice from anyone of equal or higher status. In most hospital situations they argued, nurses would either have knowledge about a drug or would have time to seek advice. So they replicated Hoflings proeecdure with a few exceptions.

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They replicated Hoflings proceedure, but this time the doctor required the nurse to use the common drug Valium at three times the recommended level. The doctor who telephoned gave the name of a real doctor and the staff and nurses were able to speak to other nurses before they proceeded.

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Results show that only 2 out of 18 nurses proceeded to prepare the medication as requested.

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Rank and Jacobson concluded 'nurses aware of the toxic effects of a drug and allowed to interact naturally... will not administer a medication overdose merely because a physician orders it'.

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