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  • Fasting
  • Muslims do it to seek a richer perception of God
  • Spiritually rewarding
  • Mohammed did it so it is done to follow his example
  • Happens during 9th month of Islamic calendar
  • Start at 6am, stop about 6pm - sunrise and sunset
  • Lasts for 30 days
  • Absention from food, smoking and impure thoughts
  • Pray more often during Sawm
  • Fasting teaches patience, unselfishness, moderation, willpower, discipline, spirit of social belonging, unity and brotherhood
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Eid-ul-fitr & Eid-ul-Adha


  • Day long feast at the end of Ramadan
  • Everyone goes and prays at the mosque
  • People send cards, presents and visit family
  • Can eat decent meals
  • Visit cemetries to remember loved ones
  • Give money to charity
  • Reaffirms of Ummah -world Muslim community


  • commemorates the triumph of Ibrahim over the devil in the desert
  • takes place during Hajj (2 months after Ramadan)
  • in Muslim countries schools and businesses are closed for 3 days
  • People think about sacrifice and, if they are not on Hajj, they are there in spirit
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