Rahe- Alternative Evidence

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Rahe- Alternative Evidence

Supported- Holmes and Rahe (1967)
1) Suggested LCU stress scores of greater than 300 mean 80% chance people will become ill, but below 150 indicated only a 30% risk
2) Supports- the sailors didn't have high LCU scores & illnesses suffered were only minor
3) Rahe (1970) is stronger as it was prospective so more reliable and less prone to researcher bias or demand characteristics

Challenged- Selye
1) Research on rats suggested that stress lead to illness via breakdown of the immune system, during the exhaustion stage (1-3 months) of GAS
2) Rejects as even the most stressful environment (cruiser 2) had low levels of illness (2.528 in decile 10) suggesting stress doesn't always break down immune system leading to illness.
3) Rahe is stronger as he used human pps so more representative. 

Challenged- DeLongis et al
1) Found no relationship between life events and health, but did find a positive correlation (0.59) bewteen hassles and next day health problems
2) Partially rejects as he said illness is not directly affected by major life events
3) Rahe is stronger as larger sample (2664) than DeLongis (74) so stronger population validity 

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