Rag Desh (Mhara Janam Maran) + Indian music -Edexcel music

Flash cards for indian music, and the piece 'Mhara janam maran' (aka rag desh). Covers the metre and rhythm, structure, instruments, melody, dynamics, mood

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Metre and Rhythm

  • Called a tal
  • 8 beat tal (2+2+2+2)
  • Alap is free time
  • Tihai is a rhythmical device which uses a passage repeated 3 times to round off a piece or section
  • Short Tihai occurs at the end of the piece
  • Bhajan is where tal can be heard
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  • In Indian music, Apal, Jhor, Jhalla and Gat/Bhajan
  • In Rag Desh, Alap and Bhajan
  • Alap starts with a short intro on the sarangi
  • Is improvised + Improvised singer
  • Bhajan starts with tabla
  • 3verses of the bhajan
  • Ends with a Tihai
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Instruments (In Mhara Janam Maran)

  • Voice, very important in Indian music
  • Sarangi, bowed string instrument. accompanys singers
  • Sarod, plucked string instrument, lack of frets results in meend (slide) between notes
  • Pakhawaj, long cylindrical drum, in the tabla
  • Cymbals, in the table
  • Tabla, indian drums
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  • Begins quietly
  • Crescendo as instruments and vocals enter
  • Increase again when Bhajan starts
  • Otherwise, are simialr throughout
  • Occasional bursts from instruments and percussion accents
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  • Rag Desh, traditionally played at night
  • Rainy Season
  • Rasa, primary mood
  • Rasa is longing, devotion, romance, and love songs 'Thumri'
  • Is a Bhajan, Hindu devotional song from Rajasthan
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isn't bhajan a sung gat? cos thats what it says in the text book :)

Sivani Bala


its called a bhajan in particular, because the lyrics are devotional. 

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