'Rag Desh' - Chiranji Lal Tanwar

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- 2004

- Chiranji Lal Tanwar is a soloist singer of Indian Classical Music

- Performance style is a Raga

- Based on a Rag - associated with late evening in Monsoon season

- This version is a Bhajan (Indian devotional song)

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Forces and Instrumentation:

- Voice - only version with a voice

- Sarangi - stringed

- Sarod - stringed

- Pakhawaj - drum

- Cymbals

- Tabla - drums

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- Alap: sarangi and voice introduce notes of the rag, tempo is slow with no regular pulse

- Bhajan: tabla joins in playing the kerherwa tal, sung verse is followed by short solos for sarangi and sarod, pattern repeats a number of times, singer decorates important words with melismas and ornaments

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Melody and Word Setting:

- Melodic line is sung and played by the Sarod and the Sarangi

- Based on rag 'Desh':

Sa Re Ma Pa Ni Sa Ni Dha Pa Ma Ga Re Sa

- Important vocals are decorated with ornaments and melsimas

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Rhythm, Metre, and Tempo:

- Rhythmic pattern played on drums, based on Tal

- This Tal is the Keherwa Tal - an 8 beat cycle (2+2+2+2)

- First beat of the Tal is the Sam and is often emphasised by musicians

- Slow with no clear pulse

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Harmony and Tonality:

- Tambura drone is used

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- 3 main layers;

1. Melodic line played on a solo instrument

2. Rhythmic pattern played on the drums

3. Drone played on a stringed instrument

- Melody dominated layered texture

- Starts with 2 layers and builds up to have 3 layers

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Dynamics and Expression:

- Lots of trills in final section

- Played p for the majority of the piece

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