Radon Gas

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Exposure to Radon Gas

-Scientists have shown that exposure to high doses of radon gas can cause lung cancer - and the greater the radon concentration the higher the risk
-Some medical professionals reckon that about 1 in 20 deaths from lung cancer are caused by radon exposure
-Evidence suggests that the risk of developing lung cancer from radon is much greater for smokers compared to non smokers
-The scientific community is a bit divided on the effects of lower doses and there's still a lot of debate over what the highest safe(ish) concentration is 

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Radon gas concentration depends on rock type

-The radon concentration in people's houses varies across the UK, depending on what rock the house is built on

Ventilation systems reduce radon concentration

-New houses in areas where high levels of radon gas might occur must be designed with good ventilation systems.
-These reduce the concentration of radon in the living space
-In existing houses, the Government recommends that ventilation systems are put in wherever the radon concentration is higher than a certain level 

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