Radiation, Conduction, Convection and Rate of Heat Transfer

*Radiation, Conduction, Convection and Rate of Heat Transfer

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Infra Red Radiation

*All objects on their surfaces are contunially emmiting and absorbing IRR

*An object thats hotter than it's surroundings emits more radiation than it absorbs

*An object that's cooler than it's surroundings absorbs more radiation than it emits

*The hotter the object the more radiation it emits

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Kinectic Theory


*Strong forces of attraction
*Particals are in a fixed position
*Barley any energy- Vibrate around their fixed point


*Weaker forces of attraction
*Particals can slide over each other
*More energy- can move in random directions


*Almost no forces of attraction
*Have trhe most energy
*Move about where ever they like at high speeds

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