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What is 'affirmative action'?

-first used by President Kennedy

-It refers to the practice of taking firm & positive action to redress wrongs in terms of discrimination, especially in employment and education.

-Kennedy and Johnson saw AA as making sure that individuals and organisations were prevented from deliberately disrciminatory policies when it came to things like employment and education.

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What are advocating quotas?

-a step further from affitmative action by Nixon

-It targets that people should adhere to, to make sure that minorities had equal opportunities, and were employed in fair numbers.

-became clear in his 'Philadelphia Plan', where federal contracts depended on certain numbers of minortieis being employed, or being allowed on courses or being provided housing..etc.

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What is 'compensatory action'?

-After advocating quotas

- seeking to redress the balance in matters like jobs and schools

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What was the Swann vs Charlotte Mecklenberg 1971 c

-Suprememe Court was a part of this case in such as Swann vs Charlotte Mecklenberg 1971: when it ordered bussing to take place in school districts where segregation had developed.

- the problem was that the practice in some states had developed de facto: gradually over a period of time.

-it wasnt been as a result of de jure segregation: cause by a deliberate decision, and to many, subjecting more natural de facto circumstances to control like this seemed especially wrong.

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