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Ebenezer Scrooge

“Hard and sharp as flint”

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Ebenezer Scrooge

“It was a cold, bleak, biting weather // Golden sunlight"

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Ebenezer Scrooge

"as light as a feather"

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Bob Cratchit

“The clerk … involuntarily applauded … he poked the fire, and extinguished the last frail spark for ever”

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Bob Cratchit

“Scrooge had a very small fire, but the clerk’s fire was so very much smaller it looked like one coal!”

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Bob Cratchit

“I’ll give you Mr. Scrooge, the Founder of the Feast”

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“His face was ruddy and handsome; his eyes sparkled. // all in a glow”

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“kind, forgiving, charitable, pleasant time.”

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“I mean to give him the same chance every year, whether he likes it or not.”

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The Ghost of Christmas Past

“like a child: yet not so like a child as like an old man”

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The Ghost of Christmas Past

“He has spent but a few pounds of your mortal money: three or four, perhaps. Is that so much that he deserves this praise.”

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The Ghost of Christmas Present

“a glowing torch, in shape not unlike Plenty’s horn.”

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The Ghost of Christmas Present

“Its dark brown curls were long and free; free as its genial face, its sparkling eyes, its open hand, its cheery voice.”

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The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

“A solemn Phantom draped and hooded, coming, like a mist along the ground, towards him”

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The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

“I fear you more than any Spectre I have seen.”

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Tiny Tim

"Tiny Tim upon his shoulder"

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Tiny Tim

“God bless us everyone!”

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Jacob Marley

“I wear the chain I forged in life”

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“Another idol has displaced me. A golden one.”

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“A small matter … to make these silly folks so full of gratitude.”

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“You are quite a woman, little Fan.”

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The Christmas Spirit

“I will honour Christmas in my heart.”

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A Christmas Spirit

“a mighty blaze went roaring up the chimney”

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A Christmas Carol

“Boiled with his own pudding and a stake of holly through his heart”

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“It was a cold, bleak, biting weather // Golden sunlight; Heavenly sky”

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“Your lip is trembling and what is that upon your cheek?”

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“It was a splendid laugh, a most illustrious laugh.”

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“chuckle” *6

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Social Responsibility

“Mankind was my business.”

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Social Responsibility

“decrease the surplus population”

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Social Responsibilty

“This boy is Ignorance. This girl is want. But most of all beware the boy.”

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Social Responsibility

“Plenty’s horn”

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Poverty & Family

“His wealth is of no use to him. He don’t do any good with it”

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Poverty & Family

“Dressed out but poorly in a twice-turned gown, but brave in ribbons.”

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Poverty & Family

“I've come to bring you home, brother.”

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Poverty & Family

“Bob held his withered little hand”

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Poverty & Family

“No-one said it was a small meal for a large family” 

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