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Character quotes for OMAM

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George and Lennie quotes


  • "small, quick, dark of face..."
  • "smart little guy"
  • "When i think if all the swell time i could have without you, i go nuts"
  • "George raised the gun and his hand shook"


  • "a huge man, shapeless of face..."
  • "the wat a bear drags his paws"
  • "elaborate pantomine of innocence"
  • "strong as a bull"
  • "He's jes like a kid, ain't he?"
  • "I don't want no fights"
  • Lennie eyes centred and grew quiet and mad" (thinks someone has hurt George)
  • "Why do you got to killed?"
  • "I done a real bad thing"
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Curley's Wife and Curley


  • "red mules...red ostrich feathers"
  • "leaned against the door frame so that her body was thrown forward"
  • "what a tramp"
  • "*****...*********...rat trap"
  • "purty"
  • "she's gonna make a mess"
  • "Coulda been in the movies"
  • "lousy tart"
  • "She was pretty and simple, and her face was sweet and young"


  • "wore high-heeled boots"
  • "calculating and pugnacious"
  • "He hates big guys"
  • "Curley's pants is full of ants"
  • "He ain't a nice fella"
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Candy and Crooks Quotes


  • "he did not look down at the dog at all"
  • "faced the wall and lay silent"
  • "When they can me here, I wisht somebody'd shoot me"
  • "I ought to fo shot that dog myself"
  • "Nobody'd listen to us"
  • "eyes blinded with tears"


  • "a lean ***** head, lined with pain, the eye patient"
  • "a proud, aloof man"
  • "You got no right to come in my room"
  • "If i say something, why, it's just a ****** saying it"
  • "a ****** and a dum-dum and a lousy ol' sheep"
  • "Crooks had reduced himself to nothing"
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Slim Quotes


  • "hell of a nice fella"
  • "he moved with a majesty only acheived by royalty and master craftsmen"
  • "a gravity in his manner and a quiet"
  • "calm, Godlike eyes"
  • "Slim's opinions were law"
  • "Candy looked helplessy at him"
  • "Slim neither encouraged nor discouraged him. He just sat back quiet and receptive"
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