The Good Morrow

The Good Morrow –,

“I wonder by my troth, what thou and I did, till we loved?”,

“Was but a dream of thee”,

“Which watch not one another out of fear”,

“Love so alike, that none do slacken, none can die“”,

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The Canonization

The Canonization –,

“For God’s sake hold your tongue and let me love you,”,

“Contemplate; what you will, approve, so you will let me love”,

“Call us what you will, we are made such by love;”,

“At our own cost die”,

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The Flea

The flea –,

 “Me it sucked first and now sucks thee”,

Our two bloods mingled be”,

This flea is you and I, and this is our marriage bed”,

This flea’s death too life from thee”,

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A Valediction: forbidding mourning

A Valediction: forbidding mourning –,

“As virtuous men pass mildly away”,

“No tear – floods, nor sigh tempests move”,

“If they be two, they are two so, as shift twin compasses are two”,

“And makes me end where I begun”,

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The Apparition

The Apparition –,

“When by thy scorn, O Murderess, I am dead”,

“Then shall my ghost come to thy bed”,

“Pinch to wake him, think thou callst for more”,

“I had rather thou shouldst painfully repent then by my threatening rest still innocent”,

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Batter My Heart

Holy Sonnet 14 –,

“Batter my heart, three-personed God;”,

“Your face to break, blow, burn and make me new”,

“Divorce me, untie or break that knot again”,

“nor ever chaste, except you ravish me”,

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Death Be Not Proud

Holy Sonnet 10 -,

“Death be not proud, though some have called thee”,

“From rest and sleep, which but thy pictures be”,

“And dost with poison, war, and sickness dwell”,

“And death shall be no more, Death thou shalt die”,

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