Quick Facts About Atomic Bomb

These cards will help you with my  history assessment: The Atomic Bomb.

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Destruction size

August 6 the 1st bomb dropped on Hiroshima: 80,000 died instantly.

August 7 the 2nd bomb dropped on Nagasaki: 40,000 died instantly.

Not to be confused with the 73,884 who were civilians and died.

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Japan was Atomicly bombed in 1945.

August 6 first bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

August 7 second bomb dropped on Nagasaki.

August 9 Japan surrenders: END 0F WW2.

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Short Term Effects

73,884 Japanese civilians killed.

74,909 Japanese civilians injuried.

Not to be confused with 120,000 who were killed instantly, who were not all civilians.

Japan surrenders and that ends WW2.

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Long Term Effects

150,000 Japanese civilians affected by radiation poisoning.

Japanese civilians to this day can be born with birth deffects as radiation damages DNA cells.

Psychological scarring.

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1. Bomb costed alot of money: ($2000 million) the Americans wanted to test it.

2. The Japanese were really cruel to the prisioners the had caught during WW2, people wanted revenge.

3. Americans thought that without the bomb, over half a million American soldiers would have died to a stubborn Japan.

4. The USA wanted to show of to the world and the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, which was basically Russia) how advanced and powerful they were.

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6.7 square kilometers destroyed.

12,900 houses burnt.

73,884 Japanese civilians killed.

74,909 Japanese civilians injured.

150,000 Japanese civilians afeected by radiaton poisining.

Diseases: Leukemia, Cancer etc.

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